Ducore Stealth, safe and secure!

Your data removal specialist

From a young and dynamic company in 2001 to a solid and permanent player in IT today. We are happy to assist you with our team of professional and certified employees.

Thanks to our clear working method, we provide many customers with our products and services, which together make us who we are today. One of our spearheads is “listening to each other”, because together with you we can change ICT and create a cleaner world.

Due to the current circular IT, more and more companies are aware that we have to work together and strengthen each other, with a good IT policy we can tackle circular IT together.

Due to the faster technological changes in the world, we have access to an increasing amount of data. This also carries an increasing risk. You do not want to share this data with third parties and are only yours! Ducore Stealth is the specialist when it comes to secure and certified data deletion in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data erasure, a profession in its own right!

Some examples of data carriers (hardware) are:

  • System / Desktop / SFF / Workstation
  • Laptop
  • Server
  • Mobile phone (smartphone)
  • Tablet
  • Printer
  • Hard Drives (Backup) / SAS, SATA, SSD, IDE
  • CD / Floppy
  • USB

Some examples of information on your mobile phones or tablets are:
Business emails with data about customers and employees
Business apps with business sensitive information
Passwords and login details (for example from a WiFi network or VPNs)
Photos (both business and private)

Thanks to our environmentally friendly way of working, you can circularly reuse the cleaned equipment after the certified removal of the data carriers!
Ducore Stealth makes it possible.

A green world, that’s what everyone wants!


Safety is our top priority, so we can offer you a solid foundation. This way of working allows us to state with certainty that we can contribute to your data security as well as to a better world. In this way we create a better E-waste solution. We do this with AIVD-certified software, which makes the use of a shredder unnecessary.
If necessary, you can reuse the wiped goods, for example, sale, donation, staff, etc., we can also be of service to you.

Together we can reduce the E-waste and ensure a circular IT.

Our solutions

Quality mark

Because we only work with certified personnel and software, we fully support our product, guaranteeing optimum safety and quality and benefiting sustainability. All erased products are provided with a certificate of destruction, which means that they fully comply with the GDPR requirements. This established way of working enables us to provide your product with our quality mark. This way you can see at a glance that your product has been erased correctly and responsibly according to AVG.




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