Ducore Stealth, safe and secure!

Safe and secure!

From a young and dynamic company in 2001 to a solid and permanent player in IT. Started as a wholesaler in used ICT products for the business community and has now grown into a leading professional organization that, with the help of our unique concept, now satisfactorily supports many organizations throughout Europe. Together with our team of professional colleagues, we do this with great passion and commitment to our customers. Whether you want to purchase a refurbished system or trade in your old computer, whether you need support with migration, installation and relocations, or need help with certified data deletion, the Ducore Group makes it possible. Moreover, the current circular IT approach means that more and more companies are looking for environmentally friendly solutions. Because we have been active in the market with this vision for years, we can make a positive contribution together with you.

Thanks to our clear working method, we provide many customers with our products and services, which together make us who we are today. One of our spearheads is “listening to each other”, because together with you we can change IT. Due to the current circular IT, more and more companies are aware that we have to work together and strengthen each other, with a good IT policy we can tackle circular IT together.

We are happy to be of service with our team of committed employees.

Your reliable partner

Ducore Stealth has been a safe and reliable partner when it comes to data removal for years. We work according to the new GDPR legislation and ensure that your data is removed in a truly safe way. Our people work with great passion and dedication and ensure that your data is professionally deleted. By only using certified software from our partners, we can guarantee our services. Ducore Stealth was created as a result of questions from the business world. For years the Ducore Group has been the regular IT supplier for a large number of companies, which have indicated that they would like to have their data removed in a safe and responsible manner. Ducore Stealth makes this possible in a responsible and certified manner. Due to our unique working method, we can provide full service at your location, without affecting your staff. The continuity of your own company is one of the objectives of Ducore Stealth.

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