Ducore Stealth, safe and secure!

Don’t let your data end up on the streets!

How do we work

You can make an appointment with one of our employees by telephone, e-mail or chat (link naar de chatbox). If desired, we can carry out the work for you at your location or at our secure location, where we can arrange the transport for you. Working safely is our top priority. We use our mobile data destruction stations at your location. Immediately after drafting, we are ready to securely erase your data. Of course, several data carriers can be processed simultaneously to ensure a fast turnaround time. Our processes are completely transparent and clear, so you can view and follow the entire process and you remain involved in the security of your data and the processing of your products. After processing, you will receive the corresponding certificates of the data carriers, which you can view at any time in your personal digital portal. The mobile phones and tablets are provided with the original operating system again and are ready for reuse.

Ducore stealth Circular responsible business!

In brief:

  • You make an appointment
  • You determine the location
  • Your goods will be cleared
  • You will receive an overview of the processed goods
  • You will receive the corresponding certificates
  • Your goods are ready and will be delivered to you again

We can assist you with:

  • Personnel sales
  • Donation
  • Buyout
  • Sale
  • Valuation

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