Ducore Stealth, safe and secure!

Our innovative solutions are…

Stealth Mobile
By using the Stealth Mobile we offer you the possibility to have your mobile phones and tablets wiped by us at your location with our data destruction stations.

We will provide these mobile phones and tablets with a gradation and valuation so that you can expect a much higher trade-in value.

Stealth Case
The Stealth Case, independent data erasure according to the GDPR!

New, the Stealth Case!

Due to the current situation in the world, we have also been looking for a new innovation to serve you, so we proudly present our Stealth Case!

Ducore Stealth has developed a mobile data wipe case which enables you to easily erase data from your ICT devices completely independently, after a clear explanation and training from us, in such a way that they are provided with a certified erasure certificate. Due to the simple design and working method of our Stealth Case, you are able to independently erase mobile phones, tablets, systems and laptops. The big advantage of this Stealth Case is that you retain full control and that important data does not leave your premises. We also offer you the opportunity to immediately carry out a number of tests so that you immediately receive a valuation (grading) of your old equipment from us, so that you know the correct trade-in value when selling or donating, with which you can save thousands of euros per year.

Stealth Wipe Center
With our Stealth Wipe Center we offer you the possibility to quickly and efficiently wipe all disks in your data center. With our Stealth Wipe Center we can erase more than 100 drives at the same time at your location. Ideal for server rooms. All data is certified and deleted according to GPDR and does not leave your premises.

Depending on the erasing method chosen, this number can reach up to 300 disks per day per Wipe Center. We can increase these numbers by linking multiple Wipe Centers together.

Because we use our portal, you are continuously informed of our progress and the wipe certificates are uploaded, you receive a wipe certificate for each erased disk.

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