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Ducore Stealth is a Certified ITAD Gold Partner of Blancco, Certus Software and Youwipe, partners of which we are very proud.

Ducore Stealth is a strategic partner and uses these three partners to guarantee the highest level of data security. Together we ensure that our specialists remain trained and that the software is used correctly. This close cooperation ensures that you, as a Ducore Stealth customer, do not have to worry when we erase your hardware, we ensure that your data is securely and permanently deleted.


Reduce the risk
Increase efficiency
Be sustainable

Blancco has been a global leader in data destruction software for many years, providing organizations with 100% secure, compliant and automated solutions that accelerate the transition to the circular economy.

Thanks to the certified erasure process, organizations now have a secure method of erasing data on storage devices in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Each deletion is verified and certified, for which the customer receives a certificate so that they can demonstrate compliance with local, national and global data protection regulations.


Certus Software

Certified data erasure with

Certus Software provides you with the compliant erasure solutions so that assets can be safely reused, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.

  • World leader in secure data destruction
    The most advanced data destruction with the broadest hardware support. Leading the way with comprehensive support for data center, workstations and mobile devices. Trusted by “Fortune 100” companies and governments worldwide.
  • Certified data erasure
    Certus is the highest certified data erasure tool with International Common Critieria, NCSC and ADISA certification. NIST 800.88r1 and GDPR compliant and accredited by NATO. Erase and report with the most powerful and flexible tool on the market.
  • Powerful diagnostics and reporting system
    Certus takes data erasure to the next level with powerful diagnostics and flexible reporting options. The clear and intuitive admin interface makes centralized management of the erasure process particularly easy. Accessible online or offline, hosted by Certus or on your own AWS or Azure server.

The GDPR law prescribes that the user must have the option to have personal data erased and to receive written proof of this. The right to erasure is also referred to as “the right to be forgotten”.

The NIST SP 800-88 r1 Guidelines for Media Sanitization provides instructions for organizations to effectively wipe storage and mobile devices in a secure and permanent manner.

Certus Software meets both requirements and has the complete infrastructure required to securely and permanently erase the sensitive data and deliver a digitally encrypted erasure certificate.



Not erasing your old data may lead to data loss that can cost you millions of dollars and trust of your customers and suppliers.

YouWipe is one of the youngest when it comes to data destruction software. YouWipe is recognized and successfully certified according to strict and professional standards, by governments and independent security organizations, such as NATO, the UK National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC), the Common Criteria (EAL +3), the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service, under others the Finnish National Cyber ​​Security Center (TRAFICOM) and ADISA (UK Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance).

YouWipe meets and exceeds strict government regulations and industry standards, such as the GDPR, HIPAA, FACTA, PCI DSS, SOx and the Data Protection Act.

Certifications, Approvals and Ratings

YouWipe – Certified Data Wipe is widely used by both the public and private sectors around the world.

Once a drive is erased, the customer receives a detailed digitally signed erase certificate to meet external or internal audit requirements.


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